#letsImplement- Real Skills for Real Jobs in Salesforce Ecosystem

Learn Salesforce with #ImpactSalesforceSaturday

Implement Salesforce with #SalesforceFellow&Rookie

#letsImplement is a Program that takes your learning with #TrailblazerCommunity to the next level where you map learned Concepts with the real Business Problems with the help of seasoned Salesforce fellows & Community Contributors.

#TrailblazerCommunityGroups provide tons of opportunities to connect with peers and find mentors in their local community . Where as there are mutliple Events happening every month by various Community groups and Independent community contributors, Students are still facing challenges when it comes to hands on / Live project Implementation or Industrial experience.

This Program (#letsImplement) enables students/Salesforce Aspirants to gain Knowledge through well structured sessions and Implement the learned skills to real world business use cases. To Draw the path towards this, New Delhi SFDC Group will colloborate with Seasoned Salesforce Community Contributors and Design Projects that can be implemented on Salesforce platform.

How this works ?

Step 1: Intrested Community Members and Experts should Register as Fellows and Rookies using Links below :

Click Here to register with us as #fellows (Salesforce Mentors/Experts)
Click Here to register with us as #rookies (Mentee/Aspirants/Students)

Note:- Joining Link for #rookies will be enabled very soon..Stay tuned !!

Step 2: Salesforce Rookies(Students/Mentee) will learn the Salesforce Concepts through Various awesome channels available in Community such as Trailhead#impactSalesforceSaturday with New Delhi SFDC DUG and other Events within community with salesforce experts.

Our Upcoming webinars- http://newdelhisfdcdug.com/impactsalesforcesaturday-upcoming/
CheckOut our past webinars- http://newdelhisfdcdug.com/impactsalesforcesaturday-past/

Step 3: Fellows(Mentors) closely works with Rookies(Mentee/Aspirants/Students) and help them understand how things works in real world and mentor them in completing the Live projects.

Step 4: After this, aspirants are ready to enter the salesforce ecosystem. They can register on #TalentCentral (www.talentcentralglobal.com) and apply for jobs in salesforce ecosystem .

If you have any suggestions/ideas to make this community more awesome, feel free to reach out at newdelhisfdcdug@gmail.com