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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #113

5 Amazing Features That Developers May Not Know About Heroku!

In today’s world, apps are critical to engaging customers, and as a result, there’s a growing demand for developers across industries. However, much of a developer’s time is spent on non-code related work, such as provisioning and managing servers, setting up hosting, data management, and security.time period.

Build from Anywhere with Salesforce Code Builder (Beta)

Salesforce developers have the challenging task of rapidly building and deploying apps in the age of “work from anywhere.” Therefore, they need flexibility in both how they work and where they work. At Salesforce, we are committed to providing tools to make our developers efficient and productive.

Better Manage Scratch Org Creation Using the env create scratch Command (Beta)

As a part of the Salesforce CLI unification, we bundled two executables: sfdx and sf. The sf executable will eventually provide a single set of commands designed to develop and deploy applications across all Salesforce clouds. Currently, it supports the Salesforce Platform and Salesforce Functions. Some of the sf commands are entirely interoperable with their sfdx equivalent.

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