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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #3

FREE Certification Preparation Series for APAC Friendly Timezone – JULY 2020

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4 Useful JavaScript Design Patterns You Should Know

This article discusses the use of the following design patterns:

  • Strategy Pattern
  • Publish–subscribe pattern
  • Decorator Pattern
  • Chain of Responsibility Pattern

Salesforce Private Connect

Cloud adoption continues to gain momentum with more and more customers running business-critical enterprise applications in the cloud. This transition presents a different set of challenges customers must overcome to ensure the security, performance, and reliability of these applications in a cloud environment. A fundamental change for most customers is the requirement to send a major portion of their cloud traffic through the public internet while still abiding by the various regulating bodies for their industries. This is especially challenging for SaaS applications that live in the cloud. How do we minimize the attack surface presented by the internet when trying to integrate between SaaS applications and public cloud infrastructure?

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