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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #64

How Do Developers Learn and Use Salesforce?

Everyone at Salesforce is interested in this data! It’s clear that our developer community works hard to help their customers succeed, as these numbers show:

  • 48% are looking to help solve a problem for a client
  • 44% are developing on Salesforce to reach their target market
  • 38% are looking to build their careers with us

Most Salesforce Developers are building web apps or SaaS, but we notice an increase in people working on AppExchange or extensions to third-party systems.

Bring Your Salesforce Mobile SDK Apps to Macs Powered by M1

Mobile SDK 9.1 enables Catalyst on our SDK frameworks and existing SDK for iOS sample apps. We updated our internal APIs to make them available on Catalyst. They previously would only work on iPad and iPhone. We also updated our dependencies to ones with Catalyst enabled.

The following Mobile SDK frameworks were updated and have been enabled for Catalyst support:

  • SalesforceSDKCommon
  • SalesforceAnalytics
  • SalesforceSDKCore
  • SmartStore
  • MobileSync

Announcing Salesforce CLI Unification

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over four years since we first announced Salesforce DX, and with it, the Salesforce CLI. As some say: time flies when you’re shipping features! We know that many of you started on your DX journey at that time, and you have helped us continue to evolve those tools to better fit your needs. But as our tooling grew over the years, we noticed an evolution in your own projects: you’re taking on more ambitious development work, building across multiple Salesforce clouds, and, of course, using a number of different tools. However, an overabundance of tools can make the development feel disconnected and inconsistent, especially as you build across different products. Well, guess what — it’s all coming together!

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