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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #65

Pub/Sub API: Building Event-Driven Integrations Just Got Even Easier

A new way to publish and subscribe to events is coming: the Pub/Sub API pilot is launching in August 2021. These events could be Platform Events, Change Data Capture events, and/or Real-Time Event Monitoring events. The Pub/Sub API arrives hand-in-hand with the new Event Bus Runtime, a modern piece of behind-the-scenes infrastructure that will allow all Salesforce customers to scale to greater heights than ever before. Read more about the new runtime in this Salesforce Architects blog post.

Deliver Scalable Experiences Without Limits Using Functions

Salesforce Functions is a new service on the Salesforce Platform that enables you to deliver more scalable experiences by extending the data and workflows that you already have, making them more robust with the power of elastic compute and open language flexibility. You can now significantly accelerate developer productivity on trusted, managed Salesforce infrastructure through pre-authenticated and preconfigured access to Salesforce data and integration with low-code tools like Flow.

Explore the Salesforce Marketing Cloud APIs with a Postman Collection

Salesforce Marketing Cloud exposes a rich set of APIs that allow you to integrate your Marketing Cloud instance with third-party systems in a variety of scenarios. There is robust documentation on the available APIs, but we wanted to provide a quick and easy way to get started using those APIs as well as understand the details and see example calls.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to Postman and show you how to easily explore and test different Marketing Cloud APIs against multiple instances using an open-source Postman collection. This unofficial collection currently holds over 140 API call templates for both the REST and SOAP Marketing Cloud APIs.

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