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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #68

Highlights from the Google for Games Developer Summit

This week, we hosted the Google for Games Developer Summit, a free digital event for game developers, publishers, and advertisers to come together globally. Though we couldn’t meet in person, we’re grateful for the chance to share our latest solutions for developers to create immersive and memorable gaming experiences for players everywhere.

All keynotes and sessions from the summit are available on demand. Here are a few things we discussed during our keynote sessions:

Google Pay integration patterns that drive conversions on Android

If you set Google Pay as a default payment option for ready-to-pay users, your users only need to click or tap twice to complete their transactions, so they enjoy a more-seamless payment experience and they’re less likely to abandon their carts. Our partners who implemented this pattern reported a significant increase in their success metrics. For example, at Gilt, 34% of total Google Pay checkouts were net-new Gilt member conversions and 57% of total Google Pay checkouts were reactivations of lapsed Gilt members.

Make API Version Retirements a No-Op

Salesforce has maintained one of the strongest backward compatibility postures in the industry. For example, version 7.0 of the Salesforce SOAP API launched in 2006 — what were you up to 15 years ago? You couldn’t have been talking on an iPhone, tapping on an iPad, writing code in Python 3.0, running JavaScript on Node.js, or hailing an Uber, because none of those technologies existed back then!

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