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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #75

Elevating the Commerce Cloud

With the General Availability of the Progressive Web App (PWA) Kit and Managed Runtime, our goal is to make any front-end development team feel immediately comfortable and excited about the storefront developer experience from day zero.

This GA ushers in a new era for Commerce Cloud, where front-end storefront development is intentionally based on modern, API-first, open-sourced web approaches.

Apex Continuations: Implementation and Testing in Aura & LWC

Apex Continuations are a mechanism provided by the Salesforce platform that allows you to make asynchronous long-running requests to an external Web Service. The service supports callouts to a SOAP or REST Web Service, with a maximum timeout of 120 seconds (versus 10 seconds in a standard synchronous callout).

Explore the Salesforce APIs with a Postman Collection

Building from API request templates instead of going into each API’s documentation saves you a lot of time and greatly reduces the risk of errors. However, just like Workbench, the Salesforce APIs Collection doesn’t replace the documentation. You’ll need to use Postman in combination with the API’s documentation.

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