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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #86

Building Dynamic Emails with Marketing Cloud’s AMPscript

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform comes with three powerful scripting languages that enable users to build out custom functionality for content, channels, messages, and more. This first-in-a-series blog post will introduce you to the primary language, AMPscript, and discuss how to use it to access data from Marketing Cloud when building a dynamic email.

Introducing Salesforce Private Connect

Salesforce Private Connect greatly simplifies the setup for Network Administrators by eliminating the need to define such things as Internet Gateways, NAT Devices, Route Tables and Network Devices, as this is achieved through PrivateLink. Another simple but powerful benefit is the elimination of defining firewall rules, which when misconfigured, have led to large data loss events in the past for some cloud providers. Lastly, we provide a setup experience for Salesforce Administrators to provision the PrivateLinks from within Salesforce. This allows for a separation of duties between your Salesforce Administrators and AWS Administrators, enhancing control.

Introduction to Real-Time Event Monitoring

Event monitoring gives you the ability to see how users are interacting with Salesforce in a whole new way. In today’s world, a large number of security threats can come from inside your organization. Your users may have access to lots of sensitive customer information that is susceptible to theft or unauthorized access. With the introduction of real-time events, you will be able to take instant action and add a whole new level of security to your Salesforce Org.

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