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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #94

How to Work With Pardot’s New Tracking & Consent JavaScript API

The data privacy landscape is constantly changing, and to add further complexity for developers, every company has its own security needs and requirements. Pardot’s new Tracking & Consent JavaScript API gives developers greater flexibility and control over how and when user tracking takes place.

We Broke Deploy/Retrieve Hooks

The Salesforce CLI has made, and will continue to make, some breaking changes to how deploy and retrieve hooks work. If you create or use custom plugins that use predeploy, postdeploy, preretrieve, postretrieve, or postsourceupdate hooks, there are changes to both the payload and behavior of those hooks that could affect you.

Building a Slack App That Integrates with Salesforce: Part 1 – Architectural Overview

Building a Slack app that integrates with Salesforce involves some challenges, such as knowing the right integration capability to use on each case, picking the right authorization flow, and implementing it securely.

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