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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #102

Best Practices for Building a User Request Management App from the Community

As a Salesforce Admin, you have a lot of different tasks every day. One of the most common content tasks is to take user requests for changes. The sheer amount of requests can become overwhelming and hard to keep track of on top of all the other responsibilities you have.

Admins build apps to help users get work done more efficiently and solve business problems. Why not build yourself an app to get your work done more efficiently and solve your own business problem?

How to Use TypeScript with Salesforce – Part 2

Currently, Lightning Web Components (LWC) has limited support for TypeScript. It is not possible to do type checking between the JavaScript file and HTML template or to do type checking between components. For example, there is no way to ensure that the property types passed from a parent component will match the expected type in the child component. Also, TypeScript files (*.ts) present in an LWC bundle that’s deployed to the Salesforce Platform can not be processed by the LWC platform compiler.

What’s New in Spring ’22 for the Pardot API

List management endpoints have been added to Pardot API v5, which allows for retrieving prospects related to a list, adding a prospect to a list, or removing the prospect from a list.

The examples below illustrate the endpoint usage using Python 3, however the Pardot API uses RESTful HTTP methods which can be used by any programming language or utility, like Postman or cURL. In order to follow along with the examples, the Python Requests library will need to be installed; see the Requests website on installation and usage.

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