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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #104

Use the Apex Replay Debugger to Streamline Your Debugging Workflow

Previously, developers had to perform multiple tasks to run the Apex Replay Debugger, which was time consuming and laborious. Good news! Starting in February 2022, we streamlined the SFDX: Launch Apex Replay Debugger with Current File command, and it now works without needing to leave Visual Studio Code.

AMPscript for New Marketing Cloud Developers and Admins

AMPscript is Marketing Cloud’s proprietary scripting language that helps marketers enhance how they communicate with customers. It can be embedded within HTML emails, text emails, landing pages, SMS messages, and push notifications from MobilePush.

How to Work With Pardot’s New Tracking & Consent JavaScript API

The data privacy landscape is constantly changing, and to add further complexity for developers, every company has its own security needs and requirements. Pardot’s new Tracking & Consent JavaScript API gives developers greater flexibility and control over how and when user tracking takes place.

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