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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #112

Dreamforce 2022 Developer Track Call for Presentations

Theater sessions are held in the Developer Grove on the theater stage or in related theaters nearby. Dreamforce attendees are free to walk up and listen to your session or take a seat in the audience. Theater sessions are shorter in length and often center around topics that are easy for Salesforce developers to engage in. A strong format is to have actionable items for developers to learn in a short time period.
Theater sessions will be in 20-minute blocks. This format means that there isn’t time for questions and discussion, however, speakers can meet with audience members after their presentation.

Salesforce Expands MuleSoft to Every Team with Easy Automation and Integration Across Any System or Workflow

With macroeconomic uncertainty across markets, hiring, prices, and more, businesses are focused on efficient growth, cost savings, and productivity. More than 90% have seen a rise in demand for time-saving automation from business teams over the past two years, according to new Salesforce research. However, the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world has increased the number of systems and amount of data companies must manage and connect, creating integration roadblocks to automation progress. And when new systems are needed or business requirements change, 96% of companies find it difficult to modify existing automations.

Salesforce for Consumer Goods Expands Capabilities to Help Drive Profitable Growth Amid Economic Headwinds

Salesforce announced new innovations for consumer goods companies, giving brands a better way to navigate increasing market complexity, drive profitable growth, and increase customer loyalty through connected data, automation, and expanded selling opportunities.

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