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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #111

Reduce File Storage Consumption with Salesforce Functions and Amazon S3

Salesforce is a multi-tenant platform that serves multiple customers on the same hardware. With this type of architecture, the Salesforce Platform imposes limits to enforce an even distribution of resources across all tenants. Such limits include API consumption, Apex governor limits, and others.

DevOps Center is Now in Open Beta!

Over the past couple of years, so many of you have been patiently waiting and following along as we’ve been talking about and building DevOps Center. In fact, we have over 3680 members (and counting!) in the DevOps Center Trailblazer Community Group for a product that hasn’t even been released yet! Yes, the interest and anticipation has been palpable, and now you can finally get your hands on it!

Tableau + AWS: Accelerating Your Digital Transformation with Modern Cloud Analytics

Modern Cloud Analytics (MCA) combines the resources, technical expertise, and data knowledge of Tableau, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and our respective partner networks to help organizations maximize the value of their end-to-end data and analytics investments. From data strategy and migration to optimizing operations, this collaboration helps organizations at any stage of their digital transformation journey to securely deploy and scale cloud analytics. Customers see faster time to value and reduced costs, all with validated migration processes that mitigate risk.

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