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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #114

Using Private Connect to Securely Connect Salesforce and AWS

In our Introducing Salesforce Private Connect blog post, we learned about our customer’s challenges and the benefits of Private Connect. In short, businesses need data from multiple clouds to operate. However, connecting data over those clouds in a secure and compliant way can be time consuming, manual, and error-prone. Salesforce Private Connect is a fast, easy, and secure way to connect Salesforce orgs with AWS data centers. Salesforce developers can set up the connection quickly and easily in a point-and-click interface. In this post we’ll guide you through how to set up Private Connect and configure inbound/outbound private connections.

Reduce File Storage Consumption with Salesforce Functions and Amazon S3

Salesforce is a multi-tenant platform that serves multiple customers on the same hardware. With this type of architecture, the Salesforce Platform imposes limits to enforce an even distribution of resources across all tenants. Such limits include API consumption, Apex governor limits, and others.

Your Salesforce Org’s Hostnames Are Changing. Are You Ready?

The set of domains used by Salesforce is changing in Winter ’23 for sandbox and non-prod orgs (starting in August 2022), and in Spring ’23 for all other orgs (starting in February 2023). This change can affect your code, configurations, API integrations, SSO, documentation, and bookmarks.

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