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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #115

Working with Salesforce Records Using SOQL and DML

Before diving into SOQL and DML, it’s important to first understand how your records are stored in Salesforce. The database that contains your records behind the scenes does not actually contain a SQL table for each of your standard and custom objects. The database stores records in a multitenant database, a database that stores data and metadata from multiple tenants in a standardized way. The database contains generic tables to store standard and custom object records.

How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Dreamforce

So you want to go to Dreamforce 2022 and need to convince to your boss to send you? We’ve got you covered, #SalesforceDevs.

Presenting the business case to your boss is easy. Dreamforce is the world’s largest software conference, and it’s the perfect opportunity for discovering breakthrough solutions for your business. Not to mention hands-on learning and invaluable networking.

Here are three simple steps to help you communicate the value of the conference, and explain how your attendance will drive success and innovation in your company.

Your Salesforce Org’s Hostnames Are Changing. Are You Ready?

Apex is the core language for customizing business logic on the Salesforce Platform and for integrating with third-party systems. Whenever you need to expose platform data or custom logic to an external system, one of your options is to create a custom Apex REST endpoint. In this post, we’ll discuss the use cases for implementing custom Apex REST endpoints, and we’ll share tips on how to implement and test them.

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