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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #21

Bring Your Tableau Visualizations Into Salesforce

Today, the Tableau team releases the Tableau Visualization Lightning Web Component. This component lets you integrate any Tableau visualizations into Lightning pages and Communities thanks to the Tableau JavaScript API. You can install it as a managed package from the AppExchange (preferred option as you’ll get updates) or deploy it from the Open Source project on GitHub.

Summer 20 | Developer Quick Takes

The Summer ’20 release brings changes to Salesforce FlexiPage metadata. If you need to use new FlexiPage features, you may need to update your FlexiPage metadata before deploying to a new Summer ’20 org. This video walks you through the updates you’ll need to make to your existing metadata.

Learn MOAR with Winter ’21: Safe Navigation in Apex

Let’s take a quick tour of what’s new for Apex in Winter ’21: We’ll look at two major highlights, starting with a brand new language operator that makes it substantially easier to work with null values. Then, we’ll take a look at new sObject error management methods that enable writing true unit tests around DML error logic. Don’t forget to follow up with a peek at the release notes for plenty of other Apex features and improvements that are part of this release

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