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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #42

What’s New in Mobile SDK 9.0?

I’m so excited to announce that the new version of the Salesforce Mobile SDK is now available. Mobile SDK 9.0 is focused on developer and end-user productivity. Regardless of whether you’re building iOS apps, Android apps, or cross-platform apps, you and your end-users will love the enhancements in this release.

Your multitasking end-users will jump for joy with our support for multiple windows for iPadOS. Manage different accounts, records, and use cases side-by-side.

You spoke, we listened. Based on developer feedback, we have added an external ID to eliminate duplication of records after a sync restart for parent/child info. No need to code this yourself, we’ve done it for you.

And… we highlight the power of open source. We’ve incorporated TypeScript for React Native with the help of a community contribution! Now, React Native developers can leverage the debugging and error detection features of TypeScript early and often during mobile app development.

If this is your first introduction to the Salesforce Mobile SDK, head straight to Trailhead and check out the Develop with Mobile SDK trail to get started today.

Take the New Salesforce Developer Survey Today!

At Salesforce Developer Relations, our primary goal is to inspire Salesforce developers and help you be more successful. To achieve our goal, we need to know what excites you and the type of help you want, need, and deserve from us.

This is why we run a few global surveys every year – by getting your input, we can identify trends in the developer community. Please click here to take the survey now!

What Is Node.js and Why Does It Matter as a Salesforce Developer?

JavaScript is the language of the web. That is reality; every major browser supports JavaScript as its main language for developing client-side web applications.

Even if you’re using a different language like TypeScript, in the end, it will be transpiled/compiled to JavaScript to be able to run in the browser.

As a Salesforce Developer, you might already be using JavaScript to create your applications: Lightning Web Components (and Aura Components) are powered by JavaScript.

JavaScript isn’t only for the browser, you can also use it to build server-side applications like web APIs, microservices, and CLI applications (like the Salesforce CLI and Heroku CLI). This is thanks to Node.js.

In addition, JavaScript remains the number one language in GitHub and is the most popular language according to the latest StackOverflow 2020 developer surveySlashData, in their State of the Developer Nation 19th edition report, shows that the JavaScript community has around 12.4M developers, making it the largest Open Source developer community.

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