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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #55

Weird Apex with Paul Battisson

Paul Battisson:
This will shock you, but for a guy who’s really into deep math, I was a slightly insular nerdy child who enjoyed playing … There’s a game in Britain called Championship Manager. I loved playing that. All the teenagers were like, “I want to write my own video game.”

That is Paul Battisson, chief operating officer for Cloud Galacticos. I’m Josh [Berk 00:00:28], your host for the Salesforce Developer Podcast, and here on the podcast, you’ll hear stories and insights from developers for developers. Today we sit down and talk with Paul about some of the weird experiments he’s done with two things. One, his love for, and I’m quoting him here: “super hardcore nerdy math” and APEX, as well as some other parts of the platform. Also at some point, we start talking a lot about pigeons. But to kick things off, we go back to that [inaudible 00:00:54] and talk about the program languages he was learning to make that game.

Unit Testing, Mocking, and AMOSS with Rob Baillie

Rob Baillie:
I was very lucky to get the job with a CIO who knew about these things and wanted to do this. So I went into the job interview there and basically I splurted out about extreme programming and this is the way I want to work. I think it’s going to be fantastic. And you kind of got halfway through the interview. And I’m thinking, well, have I just ruined my chances here? And luckily, he did just kind of turned around and said, “Well, yeah, that’s exactly what we want to hear because that is exactly what we want to do.”

Josh Birk:
That is Rob Bailie, a senior technical architect over at Make Positive. I’m Josh Birk, your host for the Salesforce Developer podcast. And here on the podcast, you’ll hear stories and insights from developers, for developers. There, rob is talking about his experience getting a job where he got to be passionate about extreme programming and other things like unit testing. And today, we’re going to sit down with Rob, we’re going to talk about unit testing. We’re going to talk about mocking. And we’re going to talk about Rob’s own framework, Amos, but where we start is how on apparently a very, very nerdy level, Rob and I are mortal enemies.

Learn MOAR with Summer ’21: External Services Enhancements

Our External Services empower customers to leverage OpenAPI standards to create declarative building blocks of integration goodness without writing a single line of code. We’ve used OpenAPI specifications to enhance the creation of actions that invoke functionality in other systems from within Salesforce, providing a useful tool to help you automate anything and integrate everything.

In Summer ’21, we’ve enhanced External Services so you can seamlessly integrate with more third party platforms building upon their published APIs without having to manually edit input specifications before registering.

We have grown our selection of publicly available APIs such as Slack or Okta thanks to new support for larger spec sizes and more support for schema constructs and use cases.

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