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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #58

TrailheaDX ’21 for Developers

TrailheaDX brings Trailblazers everywhere together to expand their Salesforce skills, go deep with product experts and get sneak peeks at what’s ahead. This year, you can experience our out-of-this-world learning event for free, from anywhere.

We’ll be broadcasting live, interactive, expert-led content across 5 channels on June 23 (Pacific Time). Whether you’re planning to tune in from home, host a virtual watch party with your community, or join whenever and wherever works best, you’ll find a lot in store for Salesforce Developers at TrailheaDX ’21.

TrailheaDX ’21 for Architects

On the Architect Channel, you’ll learn about the latest product innovations and tools to help you deliver value at the speed of business, align your teams and stakeholders, move fast and scale with resilience.

Here’s the channel lineup:

Meet the Teams: DevOps — We’ll be kicking off the Architect Channel with a special live episode. I’ll be joined by Salesforce Product Managers Rohit Mehta, Karen Fidelak and Shuji Ui for this deep dive into DevOps with Salesforce. This stellar lineup of product leaders will demo the latest innovations and answer your questions live on June 23rd.

Inter-Component Communication Patterns for Lightning Web Components

When building applications with Lightning Web Components (LWC), developers need to pass information across components to share state and re-render components. In this post, I’ll share an overview of the different communication patterns along with their perks and use-cases. We’ll look at the three types of exchanges:

  1. Passing data down the component hierarchy.
  2. Passing data up the component hierarchy.
  3. Passing data to components that share no common ancestry.

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