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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #72

A New Developer Experience for our Live Apps Community

If you are new to live apps, they are new components developers can build to integrate Quip with third-party services and to add new types of content to Quip documents. Live apps are built as self-contained web apps using the React framework, plus our very own Live Apps API to sprinkle some Quip magic all over the new component.

In the past, publishing and releasing live apps was not the easiest process to follow. It was a manual process involving running commands on the developer’s machine, manually uploading a bundle to Quip Developer Console, and manually releasing the live app to Quip users at a company.

Learn MOAR in Winter ’22 with Apex Enhancements

Let’s start by exploring the new valueOf() method in the Enum class. This method lets you convert a String to an Enum constant value. Before Winter’22, to get an Enum constant value from string, you had to iterate through all the values searching for a matching name. Rather than, for example, having to create a map linking string and Enum constants to do the lookup against, you can simply use Enum.valueOf().

Learn MOAR in Winter ’22 with Release Highlights for Developers

Winter ’22 release includes some features in Developer Preview mode. This means that the feature is pretty stable, but it may change slightly — you can use it at your own risk. One of the developer preview features is light DOM for Lightning Web Components OSS (tip: instead of using shadow DOM!). Activate light DOM to let tools like Google Analytics penetrate into the DOM of your components, as well as to let CSS cascading affect your component’s styling if needed. The ability to call Invocable Actions from Apex is also in Developer Preview, and it can only be used in scratch orgs for now

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