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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #73

Lightning Web Components for Your Inbox

In this example, we’re going to talk about components in the Gmail sidebar; however, you can always reference the outlook integration documentation for examples.

To get started, all you need to do is navigate to Salesforce Setup > Gmail Integration and Sync. From there, you can turn on the Gmail integration and switch on Customize Content with App Builder. Once this is active, you can select Create New Pane to launch an app builder for your new email application pane—this functions just like the App Builder you know and love. It allows you to bring in standard and custom components, as well as managed components from AppExchange partners!

Announcing the Tableau Developer Portal

Existing Developer Program members can get to the new portal directly from, where they’ll log in with their TableauID. From there, DataDevs can easily find support and relevant tools to help them create extensions, web data connectors, embedded solutions, and other integrations.

Learn MOAR in Winter ’22 with Apex Enhancements

The Winter’22 release incorporates the ability to call invocable actions from ApexInvocable actions are automated actions that can be invoked from different entry points such as the REST API, Flow, or Process Builder. They are one of the best tools in Salesforce to quickly get things done. From Winter’22, you will be able to invoke them in Apex. This adds one more tool to the Apex developer toolset, making it easier and quicker to implement certain types of automation, to reuse code, and it builds one more bridge between low-code and pro-code development.

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