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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #74

Introducing Foyer — Native Slack Integration for the Salesforce Platform

The acquisition of Slack, which closed in July, opens up a brand new world for Salesforce developers to build rich, conversational apps connected to their Salesforce data and metadata. But doing this is no small task. Connecting Salesforce to Slack entails standing up middleware for managing authentication, routing requests to Salesforce, building Block Kit to represent metadata, leveraging multiple frameworks, and much more, all of which require development resources. Today, in the Dreamforce developer main show, “Innovation from Anywhere with Salesforce Developers” (at 3:30 pm PT), we’re proud to introduce an easier way to build Slack apps deeply integrated with Salesforce, codenamed “Foyer.”

Announcing Salesforce Platform eCars Sample App

You can build and run almost any part of your business on the Salesforce Platform. You probably already know that, so instead of telling you, let’s look at a new sample application we’ve created. It’s using multiple parts of the Platform in an integrated way to improve and streamline the experience of both employees and customers for Pulsar Motors, the newest fictitious electric vehicle company.

A platform on the Platform

To make this feature happen, we teamed up with the Apex and Metadata API teams. Together we implemented a way to synchronously read and asynchronously deploy metadata. The implementation functions as if you were using the read and deploy metadata operations, but it doesn’t require a web service callout.

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