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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #76

What Is Order Management? And Why Should You Care?

Order management is an intricate process that ends with a moment of truth — the moment a merchant fulfills their brand promise to its customers. Once the customer clicks the buy button or checks out, order management begins to get the product shipped and delivered. 

Consider the journey that your favorite pair of jeans must take to make it to your doorstep or onto a hanger in a store nearby. An intricate series of steps and interconnected pieces must all work together to bring you that “gotcha!” moment when you finally have your denim in hand. The ordering and fulfillment process for a pair of jeans — and for millions of other products — can make or break a brand’s relationship with a customer.

Salesforce CLI Unification — Now in Beta!

Let’s start with what CLI Unification means for deploy operations. For example, sf deploy will deploy the entire project that is defined in your local directory. If your project includes a Salesforce Function and a Force app, then both can be deployed with one command to each of their respective environments. Plus, this command walks you through the deploy process, so no need to remember all the flags. The command steps you through the process, and if this is a deploy that you do all the time, you can save that deploy configuration for the future and it will be called each time you run sf deploy.

How to Work Within Platform Events Delivery Limits

Let’s consider a simple example to help illustrate how one can easily hit these limits in the real world on a large-scale enterprise implementation.

Let’s imagine that a fictitious company, “Electric Motors,” wants to provide their 5m+ customer base with a live update on their support cases without requiring customers to refresh the page. The company uses Salesforce Experience Cloud to provide an online digital portal experience to its customers.

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