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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #77

Salesforce Functions is Generally Available

Functions let developers focus on the problem they need to solve and not worry about the cost or operational complexity of running their own apps. There’s no need for external services, connected apps, client keys, certificates and authorization, or the operational cost of infrastructure and app administration. Functions take care of all of this for the developer and enable their programs to run with the security and compliance that they trust Salesforce to provide.

All Onboard Starter Pack

With the All Onboard Starter Pack, you can seamlessly onboard anyone, in one consolidated place.

All Onboard integrates into your Salesforce org with low complexity and minimal-to-zero code.

All Onboard provides you utility sub-flows to implement 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) using One Time Password (OTP) to verify the person as well as collect the documents you need to onboard them.

How to Work Within Platform Events Delivery Limits

Let’s consider a simple example to help illustrate how one can easily hit these limits in the real world on a large-scale enterprise implementation.

Let’s imagine that a fictitious company, “Electric Motors,” wants to provide their 5m+ customer base with a live update on their support cases without requiring customers to refresh the page. The company uses Salesforce Experience Cloud to provide an online digital portal experience to its customers.

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