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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #78

Getting Started Email Bundle for Pardot

For your new prospects, the first set of interactions they have with your brand is a defining moment in building trust and establishing a lasting relationship.

These first emails set the expectations of what to expect from your marketing communications and are a strong predictor of lifetime engagement.

Start your relationship off on the right foot with these easily customizable Pardot email content sends which can be used as either standalone emails or building into a welcome engagement studio journey.

All Onboard Starter Pack

With the All Onboard Starter Pack, you can seamlessly onboard anyone, in one consolidated place.

All Onboard integrates into your Salesforce org with low complexity and minimal-to-zero code.

All Onboard provides you utility sub-flows to implement 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) using One Time Password (OTP) to verify the person as well as collect the documents you need to onboard them.

Event Management

Harness the power of the event management app behind our award-winning conferences, launch events, and seminars!

Connect and track events, speakers, venues, rooms, tracks, sessions, registered attendees, budgets, expenses, and MDF.

Easy to install and run and fully customizable!

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