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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #80


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What Is Salesforce Content Management System?

We are omni-channel people. Every morning I scroll through Instagram and email. And, more often than not, an eCommerce site or a blog as well. When this experience is seamless, I’m a fan. But, if the email and site are inconsistent, I get frustrated – and I’m not alone. According to our State of the Connected Customer report, 76% of customers expect consistent experiences across departments. Most companies creating, delivering, and personalizing content to their customers with traditional content management systems are ill-equipped. Legacy CMS’s are designed for only a single touchpoint, not an ever-evolving, omni-channel customer journey.

Create the World’s Best Enterprise App Experiences

Start building immediately, without worrying about detailed specs. SLDS lets you focus on the big picture to deliver the best possible user experience.

Manage design at scale, with a living design system that evolves as needs change. SLDS keeps apps, interfaces, and tools consistent no matter how fast the system grows.

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