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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #81

Get ready for Slack Frontiers 2021

Calling all leaders and contributors, Slack beginners and builders, and people across industries and departments. At Frontiers, we have a variety of sessions just for you.

Find your people, ask your questions and hone your skills. Whether you want to join the conversation or sit back and take it all in, there’s so much to learn and do.

Salesforce Webinars

Customers expect personalized experiences from your company’s applications. Salesforce Functions enables your development team to build with low-code and code to create unique, connected user experiences fast (without compromising the vision). You can now meet your most pressing business needs with functions that run on-demand and scale elastically.

Create the World’s Best Enterprise App Experiences

Start building immediately, without worrying about detailed specs. SLDS lets you focus on the big picture to deliver the best possible user experience.

Manage design at scale, with a living design system that evolves as needs change. SLDS keeps apps, interfaces, and tools consistent no matter how fast the system grows.

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