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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #91

Setting Up Salesforce OAuth for Pardot API Authentication

Introducing Salesforce OAuth Flows for API authentication In the Summer ’20 Release, Pardot added a more modern, consistent, and secure method for authenticating to the Pardot API. The newly supported authentication method allows customers to leverage the familiar Salesforce OAuth flows using your Salesforce users, no longer requiring a one-off Pardot only user.

A Guided Whiteboard App for Digital Transformation

Kickboard, a free and open-source Salesforce Labs app, is a unique twist on a whiteboarding app built right on the Salesforce Platform. Kickboard is like Jamboard but with a guided experience to help you accomplish an objective (i.e., it helps you swim from point A to B…because it’s a kickboard).

Set Up Continuous Integration for Your Salesforce Projects

Building robust apps is hard. Developers can put a lot of effort into writing code, testing, and doing peer reviews, but bugs can still hit production. To reduce this risk and improve code quality, we rely on continuous integration (CI). In this post, we’ll introduce CI and its core concepts, then we’ll discuss how you can set up CI workflows for your Salesforce projects.

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