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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #92

Salesforce Adapters and Event Relays for AWS

Event Relays make it easier than ever to build event-driven applications that span across Salesforce and AWS. With Event Relays, customers can send events to Amazon EventBridge without having to build an integration or use middleware. Instead of spending time building and maintaining integrations, developers can focus on building the capabilities that their teams need most.

Learn MOAR in Spring ’22 with Release Highlights for Developers

Join us and discover the new Spring ’22 Release features for admins and developers. We know each release brings with it lots of amazing new functionality and there can be a lot to digest. With Learn MOAR, we’re packaging the release and bringing it to you in an easy-to-digest format with blogs, videos, and more.

The Codey Awards – Celebrating the Top Content of 2021

2021 was a BIG year for Salesforce Developers. We saw countless exciting new features, inspiring innovations across the community, and attended some awesome events, in-person and virtually. We’re celebrating all the best content highlights from 2021 and bringing them to you with The Codeys.

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