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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #93

Learn MOAR in Spring ’22 with LWC in Tableau CRM Dashboards

In Spring ’22, you can extend the power of Lightning Web Components (LWC) to Tableau CRM dashboards and build even richer and more customized analytics apps. The options with LWC and Tableau CRM are many. You can create customized reusable extensions, such as charts, widgets, and even Tableau data visualizations, and bring them directly into your dashboards to provide a seamless experience for your end users.

Learn MOAR in Spring ’22 with Permission Set Groups

This inevitably leads to lots of permission sets in your org. It’s likely that any given user will need to be assigned to a number of permission sets! This can be a bit of an administrative click-wait-click-wait fest, so Salesforce introduced Permission Set Groups. As the name may imply, a permission set group is a collection of permission sets that can be assigned all at once. One way to think about how permission set groups work is the analogy of a persona. You first build individual permission sets for a given job task, such as updating contact information. You then establish a permission set group of these individual job tasks to define the persona, such as “Account Executive.”

Learn MOAR in Spring ’22 with Release Highlights for Developers

The Salesforce Spring ’22 Release brings fantastic new features for developers! We have put together our round up of new features that should be top of mind for developers! There are many long awaited features that are now Generally Available (GA) in the latest release.

Lightning Web Security (LWS) is a new client-side security architecture that runs alongside your Lighting Web Components (LWC). It gives you a lot more flexibility, as well as greater security when creating your Lightning Web Components. LWS isn’t enabled by default, and we suggest testing in a sandbox before enabling the feature in production.

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