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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #16

How To Import Data into Salesforce Series

Watch this video series for a complete overview of your data import options, this 5 part video series walks you through all aspects of data import, from preparing your import files to matching owner and parent record IDs.

Create an Email Template in Lightning Experience

Use email templates to save time and standardize email sent by you or others in your organization. Use merge fields or enhanced letterhead if you need them. Templates you create are automatically private, but you can make them available for use by others in your organization.

Admin Best Practices – Leverage Einstein Search to Increase Productivity

Today, we’re used to using Artificial Intelligence (AI) all across our daily lives. Consumers are familiar with using search for everything, but the search is difficult in an enterprise environment. In enterprise environments, there are many different departments leveraging search to find information and fulfill various needs. For example, sales users search for terms, and service users may use those same terms but expect to find different results.

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