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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #5

Salesforce Fundamentals: Introduction to Salesforce

Jun 12, 2020

09:00 PM GMT+4 | 10:00 AM PDT | 05:00 PM UTC

Join Salesforce for this three-week online course with weekly calls to learn about Salesforce, why it’s an important skill to have, and the types of jobs available in our ecosystem! Each week you’ll be assigned Trailhead content to complete on your own. Then once a week on Friday you’ll join us for a live call with our community members to help review the content and answer any questions you may have. This course is free, online, and does not require in-person attendance. However, the course will require 2-3 hours of online Trailhead work per week for 3 weeks. The time of the course will be 10 AM PST.

Einstein Voice Assistant – Translating words into Actions!

Have you heard about the Einstein Voice Assistant already? I’m hoping you have because if not, you’re definitely missing out on good stuff my friend!

Watch a quick demo from Dreamforce ’18 about what Einstein Voice is capable of here. This feature is currently in Beta, and not all the features demo-ed at Dreamforce all available currently.

If you’re interested in learning more about the current capabilities of the Einstein voice assistant you can watch the demo from last Dreamforce(’19) here.

What I’m here to share with you is how you can get your hands on this feature!

Master Einstein for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In this webinar series, you will learn how to quickly get started using Einstein for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and how you can use this integrated AI toolset to increase your marketing impact, enhance customer segmentation and build highly personalized cross-channel experiences.

Webinar topics include:

June 23: Einstein Engagement Frequency & Engagement Scoring
June 30: Einstein Messaging Insights & Copy Insights
July 7: Einstein Content Selection
July 14: Einstein Email & Web Recommendations

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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #4

Summer ’20 Release Notes- Speed Up Org Maintenance with the Optimizer App

Introducing the Salesforce Optimizer app, the interactive way to review and act on expert recommendations for maintaining your Salesforce org’s implementation. No need to install a package, just enable the app, click to run, and sit back while we inspect your org. Quickly identify issues that require immediate attention by using the sortable results list view. Read through the Salesforce recommendations to plan the next steps. Use quick links on result pages to go directly to the applicable Setup page. Previously, you could only consume Optimizer content by scrolling through an English language report delivered as a PDF file….

Summer ’20 Release Notes – Check User Permissions for Lightning Web Components

This sample checks whether the current user has the ViewSetup standard permission.

Customize a component’s behavior based on whether the current user has a specific permission. To check a user’s permission assignment, import Salesforce permissions from the @salesforce/userPermission and @salesforce/customPermission scoped modules.

Powering Digital Experiences with Data Integration Utilities

The following outlines the success Chaitanya Baddam (Director / Lead IT, John Hancock) and her team had with delivering digital experiences via Salesforce Communities by challenging the routine approaches of data integration. The goal here is to dissect the various data integration capabilities John Hancock used to add value to the end-user experience for its consumers and producers, as well as the technicians who delivered it.

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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #3

FREE Certification Preparation Series for APAC Friendly Timezone – JULY 2020

Free Salesforce Certification Days webinars conducted by Salesforce Exports. FREE Salesforce certification prep webinars available on July 2020 month to help you hit your #Salesforce #certificationgoals

4 Useful JavaScript Design Patterns You Should Know

This article discusses the use of the following design patterns:

  • Strategy Pattern
  • Publish–subscribe pattern
  • Decorator Pattern
  • Chain of Responsibility Pattern

Salesforce Private Connect

Cloud adoption continues to gain momentum with more and more customers running business-critical enterprise applications in the cloud. This transition presents a different set of challenges customers must overcome to ensure the security, performance, and reliability of these applications in a cloud environment. A fundamental change for most customers is the requirement to send a major portion of their cloud traffic through the public internet while still abiding by the various regulating bodies for their industries. This is especially challenging for SaaS applications that live in the cloud. How do we minimize the attack surface presented by the internet when trying to integrate between SaaS applications and public cloud infrastructure?

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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #2

Introducing Automation Components

The Salesforce Platform offers two low code tools that allow users to automate tasks with clicks. These are Process Builder and Flow Builder. These tools offer a rich set of pre-built actions and components. On top of that, developers can also implement custom automation extensions that expose additional functionality.

There are three types of automation extensions that developers can build with code: invocable actions, flow screen components and local actions.

Lightning Component to show Org Wide Limits

Handy Lightning Component to show Org Wide Limits

  • Get org-wide usage/limit using System.OrgLimits.getMap() then show them with progress bar.
  • You can put org limits component where you like, Utility bar, Lightning Home/App page and Lightning component tab.

SFMC Lookup(Answers) – AMPscript Best Practice

Register Now for the upcoming 🌟SFMC Lookup(Answers)🌟 a brand new one hour technical Q/A session focused on various features and functionalities of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Come with all your technical questions and hear from Salesforce MVPs and Marketing Champions.

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New Delhi Salesforce News and Updates: Week #1

Salesforce Announces to Help Businesses and Communities Safely Reopen

🔑 Reopen your business safely
💼 Return to your workplace
💡 Reimagine your business
💪 Reskill your employees
🚨 Respond to any future crisis

Episode 28: Lighting Web Components with Kevin Hill

Curious about upcoming Lightning Web Components features? In the latest episode of the Salesforce Developer Podcast, we’re discussing these upcoming features, the migration of Aura components over to LWC.


Get ready and be excited to learn, how you can build apps fast that your business needs. Join Trailblazers to #LowCodeLove event on this Thursday, May 7th

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New Delhi SFDG Newsletter, 3-Aug-2019

#ImpactSalesforceSaturday Session – 2

Date and Time
Saturday, August 10, 2019
11:30 AM – 12:30 pm

NEW QUEST celebrating the new #BeMOAR Leadership blog series from our very own @swbjoyce!

Complete the #BeMOAR trailmix by Aug 31st to score this exclusive community badge plus unlock entry to win 1 of 25 $100 USD gift cards (official rules apply).

Learn how to get started with Lightning Web Components Open Source.

@HeatherLDykstra and @muenzpraeger will show you how in our webinar on August 8!

Register now:

Find all the #TrailheaDX19 Videos here!